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About Us​

We are experts in agile delivery of digital transformation projects.

We help organisations just like yours deliver ambitious projects.

Our clients include UK Government, FTSE 100 companies, small and medium businesses and even start ups.

In addition to our development and delivery services we also offer ITIL based service support.

Our motto is “Even if we didn’t build it, we can still support it.”

Silex was founded in 2009 and our principals have decades of experience delivering digital transformation projects for corporate and governmental clients.

Our vision is to efficiently turn our customer’s investment into valuable digital services that transform their business.

Our mission is to provide best practice agile development, delivery and support services to our customers to enable to enable digital transformation.

Our Values

Collaboration: We pursue operational excellence and consistently seek a collaborative approach with customer, suppliers and other stakeholders to achieve sustainable return for our customers and partners. We will develop tools, processes and frameworks to promote best practices and improved decision making.

Efficiency: We eliminate waste in the value chain through use of technology to remove intermediaries that add no value.

Transparency: We communicate openly, involving the customer in the development process to ensure that they understand the difficulties and challenges we face delivering their project.

Accountability: We relentlessly pursue solutions that provide value to our stakeholders and take actions that reflect the highest corporate social responsibility. We strive to provide efficient, effective and high quality customer service.

Respect: We consistently encourage and demonstrate through words and actions the contributions of everyone on the team. Our communication with each other is clear, timely, honest and accurate. We treat and care for each other as individuals with personal lives.

Teamwork: We act as one team with one vision, respecting individuals and living our values. Our partners are recognized as an extension of our team.


If you need help with CI/CD, auto-scaling for unpredictable peak demand, infrastructure as code, serverless architecture using AWS...

Software Development

Whether you're building a brand new digital service, need help maintaining and enhancing a legacy system or you have the beginnings of an idea for a start-up...

24/7 Support

If you need an ITIL backed support solution for your digital service our delivery and operational experience ensure that you're covered...