Views 3 Dependency in Drupal 6

In a previous article, Views 3 plugins, I went through the process of creating a plugin with a dependency on Views 3. In the article, I recommended that any Views plugin development in Drupal 6 be done within the Views 3 architecture, even though it is in an alpha state.

Views 3 Plugins

How would you describe the Views module for Drupal? At its most basic, Views is simply a way to query a data set and display the results of that query. I like to think of it as this: Views turns data into information.

The National Strategies

Our consultants worked on the National Strategies web portal for the UK Department for Education – a multi-million pound Drupal project run by Capita. Silex supplied staff and expertise in a variety of roles for almost three years.

NBC Universal

For the last year, Silex Consulting has been working with NBC Universal, acting as technology partners and managing the in-house multi-disciplined development team in an ambitious program of delivery of more than thirty web sites.


Silex Consulting designed and developed a cost-effective digital asset management system for Wolseley PLC. A screencast of the software can be seen here.