Silex Consulting designed and developed a cost-effective digital asset management system for Wolseley PLC. A screencast of the software can be seen here.

The software was built using the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System and the Grails web framework.

What this project demonstrates is choosing the right tools for the project. Being a (literally) brick and mortar company, Wolseley needed software that fit within their current company structure. Since they are spread out over several countries and operate through a very dispersed network of stores, asset management in the past has also been very dispersed. We wanted to create a system for them that easily allowed all of their different stores to manage and reuse assets.

Although many of our projects in the past have been based in the Drupal CMS, the work we did for Wolseley demonstrates that we can provide different types of content management solutions depending on the needs of the company

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