The National Strategies

Our consultants worked on the National Strategies web portal for the UK Department for Education – a multi-million pound Drupal project run by Capita. Silex supplied staff and expertise in a variety of roles for almost three years.

As one of the largest Drupal projects in the UK, this project exposed Silex Consulting to many of the project management, business analysis and development techniques that are required to complete a project of this scale. We learned the benefits and drawbacks of using Agile methodologies in a government project as requirements and priorities changed over the life of the project.

After the site went live in November 2008, our consultants were a big part in improving the performance of the site as well as increasing the number of features. We are experienced in using Apache Solr for doing keyword searches as well as using Drupal’s contributed Views module to present the search results to the users in a variety of ways. We are also experienced at using the Varnish reverse proxy technology to improve site performance for users.

Working on a project of this scale has given Silex Consulting the type of experience needed to deliver large software projects with a focus on performance.

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